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Ears are interesting cartilaginous organs that we rely on every day. While we all have them, each of us has radically different-looking ears. If you’re not happy with how your ears look, some effective operations are designed to improve their appearance. One of these procedures is known as ear pinning surgery.


Ear Pinning Service

This procedure, which is also known as otoplasty, is a cosmetic surgery that is designed to change the shape or size of the ears. However, it is important to note this operation cannot change the actual location of the ear. Additionally, ear pinning procedures only alter the outer cartilage of the ear and won’t affect your ability to hear at all.

Ear pinning is the most common plastic surgery technique used when a patient is bothered by how large their ears are or how prominently they stick out from the sides of their head. Ear pinning operations are also often used to correct misshapen ears caused by birth defects or physical trauma. In most cases, both ears are given otoplasties in order to assure symmetrical proportions (even if one ear is causing the primary problem). Otoplasties can typically be performed on individuals who are over 5 years old. However, in serious cases, these types of surgeries can be done as early as 3 years old.

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