Implants in Miami, FL

So many people live an active lifestyle, and love showing off the bodies they’ve worked so hard to achieve. However, some people find that no matter how much they exercise their calves, they can’t achieve the muscular appearance they desire. For this reason, many individuals, especially men, seek out our plastic surgeons for calf augmentation.


Calf Implants Female

Calf muscle implants are silicone-based implants that are placed in the back of your calves to give you a more muscular-looking appearance. There are several reasons why patients seek out this surgery, including:

  • A desire to have fuller, more muscular calves.
  • Being unable to naturally build your calf muscles to your wanted size.
  • Wanting to even out the appearance legs that are more toned in the thighs than they are in the calves.

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and typically takes about two to three hours to perform. After your surgery, you are observed for a short while and then released into the care of a friend or family member who must drive you home so you can recover.


Generally speaking, you are a good candidate for this plastic surgery procedure if:

  • You desire more toned and muscular-looking calves and have difficulty achieving that look through exercise and nutrition.
  • You’re in good general health and can pass a pre-operative appointment with your primary care physician.
  • You’re in good psychological health.
  • You don’t smoke, as smoking can complicate surgery and inhibit your body’s ability to heal post-op.
Calf Implants Male


Patients typically need to take a week off work for recovery. If you’re sent home in compression garments, you’ll likely need to wear them for the first two weeks after surgery.

During your initial recovery, you’ll need to take prescription-strength or over-the-counter medications to manage swelling and discomfort. You’ll need to refrain from exercising for four to six weeks.


Since the surgery is most commonly performed to make a patient look more muscular, the implants become another highlight of their fit and toned physique. Are you considering this procedure? If so, give the Gentera Center of Plastic Surgery a call!