Do you feel as if you have exhausted your ability to lose excess body fat through dietary changes and exercise? Unfortunately, this is a very common problem that only gets worse as we age. Luckily, thanks to advancements in modern medicine, there are ways to shed unwanted pounds and achieve your ideal body goals when traditional means have reached their limit. One of these methods is known as liposuction. Let’s explain how you can achieve the best liposuction results with us at the Gentera Center of Plastic Surgery.


Liposuction Service

This cosmetic surgery (which is colloquially referred to as “lipo”) is one of the safest and most effective fat-removal procedures available on the market. Fat is removed by inserting a thin tube known as a cannula into desired areas and using negative pressure to remove the unwanted adipose tissue.

Liposuction is often paired with other cosmetic operations such as tummy tucks, Emsculpt, or cold plasma applications to achieve the best results. The ideal candidates for this type of operation have good skin elasticity and have lost as much weight as they could naturally through exercise and diet already.


We offer a variety of different liposuction procedures that are chosen specifically for your individual body type and goals. These options include:

liposuctiion option 1


This is the standard method for cosmetic fat removal. A local anesthetic is first used and followed by a saline injection that separates the fat and muscle tissues. This allows for precise removal of body fat with the cannulas.

liposuctiion option 2


This process breaks up fat deposits before removal by utilizing ultrasonic energy. Doing so typically results in faster recovery due to diminished post-operative swelling and bruising. Vaser liposelection can also be safely used in the neck and chin areas.

liposuctiion option 3


This procedure utilizes an advanced laser fiber (that is inserted into the body through a cannula) to rupture fat cells before removal. SmartLipo not only allows for more precise contouring but also results in faster healing due to decreasing swelling, bruising, and bleeding.