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Have you been considering getting a facelift surgery but are worried about altering your facial appearance too drastically? That is perfectly common. Luckily, there are quite a few different cosmetic procedures that are less invasive than a typical facelift while still providing effective beauty enhancements. One of these procedures is known as a mini facelift. Have you ever heard of this type of plastic surgery before? Let’s take a closer look.


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The mini facelift was designed to contour the facial skin and muscles on just the lower third of your face (which includes the cheeks, jawline, and upper part of the neck). This operation is minimally invasive and requires much less cutting of the facial tissue than other plastic surgeries.

This factor leads to patients needing very little recovery time after a mini facelift; this is also why these procedures are often colloquially called the weekend lift. But don’t let its cute name fool you, this type of facelift is very effective at subtly reducing signs of aging.


The answer to this question can vary quite a bit depending on which plastic surgeon you are talking to. This is because most of the facial skin-tightening, fat redistribution, and muscle repositioning techniques used in both procedures are nearly identical. However, almost all plastic surgeons agree on the fact that a mini face lift is much less invasive than a normal face lift operation. The reduced incisions used in mini facelifts also lead to much less scarring and much quicker recovery time. 

Another major difference is that mini facelifts are also designed to smooth out wrinkles and eliminate sagging skin on just the lower parts of the face. Traditional facelifts do this as well, but they also focus on improving the appearance of the forehead and areas around the eyes. As a result, the ideal candidates for mini facelifts have fewer wrinkles and much less skin laxity (especially around the neck area) to deal with than those who might need a full facelift surgery.

Are you starting to think that a mini facelift operation might be the cosmetic enhancement you need? Then please don’t hesitate any longer to contact Gentera Center for Plastic Surgery! We employ some of the most experienced surgical staff that you can find in the Miami metropolitan region and all of our services are conducted with the most advanced equipment on the market. Call us today for a free consultation!

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